I worried about same-sex celebrities getting surface which have prior look (e

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I worried about same-sex celebrities getting surface which have prior look (e

All of our research had about three significant tries: (1) to look at adolescents’ choices of media data and you will celebrities to have parasocial desire, (2) to explore brand new incidence and you can construal regarding PSR inside the a teenager sample, and you can (3) to find out if gender distinctions emerged in teenage parasocial techniques. With respect to adolescents’ different choices for mass media numbers and you will celebrities, i hypothesized you to definitely extremely salient superstars, particularly actors and writers and singers, would be appear to stated, having down prices from endorsement for non-visual a-listers otherwise inactive mass media numbers. We including questioned correspondence between form of celebrity chose as well as the qualities teenagers from the all of them, where very obvious celebrities could be from the looks, whereas professional athletes and you may low-musicians and artists might possibly be appreciated for their speciality. To have PSR, i expected puberty exactly who engaged in PSR so you’re able to report a lot more hierarchical than simply egalitarian matchmaking, however, toward the total amount you to definitely variation appeared, we questioned hierarchical PSR are from the really love away from a beneficial celebrity’s skill and you can egalitarian PSR to be for the appearance. We as well as requested PSR becoming regarding the high involvement, power, and you can financial support during the parasocial circumstances. In terms of gender distinctions, i expected greater acceptance away from sports athletes certainly boys and you can stars certainly one of girls, highest rates from https://kissbrides.com/tr/hintli-kadinlar/ wedding, power, and you can PSR into the girls than simply boys, as well as boys to understand their celebs because of their skills more usually than simply girls. Lastly, we expected girls to get significantly more personal about their parasocial items than just boys.


The initial sample was 107 girls (Mage = , SD = 0.35) and 61 boys (Mage = , SD = 0.42) in ninth grade at a public high school in a US Northeastern suburb. However, seven girls (6.5%) and eight boys (13.1%) did not identify a celebrity of whom they were particularly fond, so the final sample included 100 girls (Mage = , SD = 0.35) and 53 boys (Mage = , SD = 0.38). This ratio reflects the gender ratios in much of the research on PSI (Cohen, 1999, 2003, 2004; Cole and Leets, 1999; Maltby et al., 2006; Derrick et al., 2008, 2009). Adolescents were 73% Caucasian, 12% Asian, 8% Biracial, 2% Latino, 2% African-American, and 1% Native-American (2% chose “Other” or did not respond), and approximately 75% had at least one parent who had graduated college. Participation (72.3%) was solicited through a letter and consent form sent to parents through the school. Participants received a $5 gift certificate for ice cream, and the school received a donation. This study was carried out with the approval of and in accordance with the recommendations of the Wellesley College Ethics Review Board with written informed consent from parents and assent from all participants in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki.


A study managed aspects of (PSI/PSR) and additionally personality from superstars chose getting parasocial notice additionally the assortment and you can version within the quasi-relationships thought with the help of our stars. I investigated if or not celebrity vocation otherwise relationships thought was basically related to the characteristics adolescents respected within chosen a-listers, including mental and you can behavioural symptoms out of PSI/PSR, particularly participants’ level of involvement in parasocial items, the latest mental concentration of the experience, their time and energy to find out about their chosen famous people, and you can if they mutual their interest throughout these news rates having family and friends. Users was first questioned to recognize a same-sex celebrity from just who these people were such as for example fond (“Very teenage girls/boys has popular celebrity or a well known character from Tv, film, or pop community: which Feminine/Male Superstar will you be such as keen on?”). g., Derrick et al., 2008).

Star Types of

News rates named was in fact classified for the four celebrity types: step 1 = actors, dos = players, 3 = vocalists, cuatro = general celebrities (age.g., cam let you know machine Oprah), and you can 5 = writers. A-listers that fit to your numerous kinds (age.g., Oprah is additionally an actress) have been coded depending on the category for which they were better identified. A few separate programmers scored all of the solutions; reliability is actually high (kappa = 0.92). Conflicts were resolved because of the dialogue.